Ministry to Refugee Children in Turkey

iConnect International meets the basic survival needs of the the Syrian and Iraqi refugee children who are the innocent victims of the tragic regional conflict. We guarantee personal delivery of goods on location in several refugee camps around the country, with the help of local Christian leaders.


Orphans and Underprivileged Children in Bulgaria

Quest Academy works with local orphanages and the gypsy community in Sofia, to give a better chance of life to the neglected orphans and poor children. iConnect International offers scholarships to make available the best quality primary Christian education to several of these children each year.


Christian Conference & Retreat Center, Slovakia

Renovation of the Christian Conference and Retreat Center in the High Tatra mountains. The Center was built by Christians right after WWII and confiscated by the communist government in 1948. It fell into disrepair as it was not properly maintained while being used for the communist youth retreats. As part of the post-communist restitution program in 1994, the building was returned to the Slovak Christians. Slow process of an expensive reconstruction was started soon after. Christian activities have been reinstated and keep growing every year. The reconstruction needs to be completed soon in order for the Center to become self-sustainable through increased capacity and quality service.



The current activities and services of the Center are available to the public. The Center is aspiring to reach into local communities and community groups, including schools and English learning youth. The Center has already served as a place for marriage counseling, restoration seminars and conferences. Renovation of the conference and meeting room and a proper thermal insulation of the building are clear and urgent priorities.

Bible School Students From Nepal

Support Nepali students at a local Bible school from the countries of Nepal, India and Bhutan. With the church in Nepal growing very rapidly for several years now, there is an urgent need for well-educated Christian leaders, Bible teachers and pastors. A council of local Christian leaders carefully choose each student.

Rani and Sandeep are a young couple from Nepal, studying at a Bible Seminary in northern India. Once they finish their studies, they will be returning to Nepal to serve a local church in their home country.

From their letters to iConnect International:
Rani writes: “On our last visit to our home town, we saw many problems. Children are not going to school because their parents don’t have money for schooling. There is shortage of gasoline for the motorbikes, we went around on our bikes. Our studies are going well by the grace of God and because of your prayers and support. Please continue praying for us.”

Sandeep writes: “We were able to visit our home church in Nepal again and I was able to minister on several occasions. Worked with children, did Bible studies and preached at youth meetings. Rani and I were given the opportunity to distribute clothing to poor children and brought baskets of fruits to sick people in a local hospital. God has been encouraging me very much through your prayers and scholarship.”