About iConnect International

iConnect International is a Christian, public 501(c)3 charity that believes in connecting people for the purpose of advancing God’s Kingdom and promoting Christian values around the world by being involved with projects initiated and driven by local Christians.

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Refugee Children in Turkey

iConnect International meets the basic survival needs of the syrian and iraqi refugee children who are the innocent victims of the tragic regional conflict. We guarantee personal delivery of goods on location in several refugee camps around the country, with the help of local Christian leaders.

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Neglected Children in Bulgaria

iConnect International offers scholarships to the Quest Academy for orphaned and abandoned children from state orphanages and gypsy community, in order to advance their upbringing and education.

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Word from the Chairman:

“Because of our love for Jesus Christ, my wife Carly and I volunteer with iConnect International. We count it a real privilege to serve with all the means God has entrusted us with, for the purpose of meeting the spiritual and physical needs of children facing tremendous hardships. We thank God and are grateful to all who are joining us with their support in our efforts to faithfully share the Gospel.”

– Tim Vozeh